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Hong Kong national airline Cathay Pacific will end its 70-year-old skirts-only rule for female uniformed staff and allow them to wear trousers following a historic win by the flight attendants’ union. Founded in 1946, the Hong Kong airline has maintained the strict skirts-only dress code for female flight attendants – despite growing backlash against the rule. In 2014, Cathay Pacific flight attendants first requested a redesign of their uniforms, which they expressed made them feel more susceptible to sexual harassment, due to the short nature of the skirts. Since then, female airline employees have become increasingly vocal about their discomfort with the uniforms, and the necessity of a uniform change. According to Pauline Mak, vice chair of the Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association, the short uniforms concerned the flight attendants when they had to reach to lift luggage into the overhead bins or take public transportation while dressed in uniform.

The uniform Cathay Pacific flight attendants are currently expected to wear consists of white logo blouses, red skirts with two slits, sheer black stockings, and black high heels. However, the strict rule will finally be lifted after the flight attendants’ union won the right to wear trousers. It not only provides us one more option but also provides us with protection.