Trained Lifesaving

Imagine you are in a plane…

With your Loved One your caring for –

Flying at 10,000 feet in the air.

An emergency happens to the plane

And the oxygen masks drop down towards your face.

The plane is loosing cabin pressure fast!

You remember the in-flight training.

You know you must get your mask on and soon!

And you should put it on before helping anyone else.

But you hastily look over to your Loved One

Who can’t seem to get their mask on right & the tube is twisted!

So you hurry to help them get their oxygen mask on.

Skipping putting yours on.

In the mean time you can almost hear-

Your heart beating through your ears.

Your whole body is screaming!

I need oxygen, in your brain it’s crying out Help!

I need oxygen – Now!

You feel good because-

Your Loved One is ok, they have oxygen.

Then you grasp your own oxygen mask…

 You start to breathe in…

Thinking everything is ok…

Everything goes black.

Who can you help now?


In a life threatening experience like a plane crash everyone understands –

To put your own mask on first don’t they?

Or is that the reason we have in-flight training every time we get into a plane!

Is it because…

We don’t have this automatic response to naturally help ourselves before helping our Loved One?

Is about helping you discover linking to your own oxygen masks, Understanding vital Information to help you, now and in the long term. Latest News & Education, on how to Care for the Caregiver.

Remember helping ourselves first, before helping our Loved One, doesn’t seem natural, yet it is critical, in every lifesaving situation!


Annie Born

Author & Founder of

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  1. it is very hard to grasp the concept that we matter, especially if we perceive ourselves as caregivers. If this is who we think we are, what happens when (God forbid) the loved one is not around anymore? I am certain that there will be a natural need to find someone else that needs our care. This is why those labels “I am …” determine our identity.

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