Lifesaver Training

Imagine you are going to your favourite beach.

You decide to go for a swim in the ocean between the flags.

You put on your sun safe shirt over your swimmers and start to swim out.

Not realising there is a strong rip in the ocean.

You are being dragged out deeper into the ocean.


You know the signal to call for help is to raise your hand.

So You raise your hand, hoping to get the attention of a lifeguard.

You are getting tired and exhausted…

2 Lifeguards come out on 2 different boards.


The first much younger lifeguard,

More like a Rookie lifeguard comes in close to you.

You have gone down under the water once already

The Lifeguard puts an arm out, you grab hold and…

A wave struck both of you at the same time.


You then grab the first lifeguards arm,

While he is off balance, at the same time a wave hits.

The rip catches both of you in the water.

The second Lifeguard seems to have more experience.


Throws a PFD – (personal flotation device) to the other Lifeguard

The second Lifeguard comes in behind you.

Grabs you by the scruff of the neck (seems tough but safe)

The second Lifeguard is pulling you safely onto the board.


Where you feel you are safe.

He brings you in, as your safely sitting on the beach.

He goes and get’s the other Lifeguard on the PFD.

You overhear them speaking as the Second Lifeguard


Mentors the first Lifeguard, bringing them into shore.

Remember the first rules of lifesaving?

Make sure you are safe first…

Then, Only -Then! can you help someone else.


When you see someone drowning,

Try talking them through it, or use a rope, a PDF or a board.

When you, put your arm out to help the person.

The drowing person did the natural thing,

grabbed hold of you! Not safe!


The wave at that moment helped you too – into the water.

Where instead of 1 person to save, we now had 2!

Lifesaving is about helping someone else out of a difficult situation.

Not creating a hazardous situation for both of you!


Caregiving is like that too.

You need to assess the situation.

You need to use different tools in different areas.

Remember If you are not in a safe place – You cannot help anyone else.

You need to be balanced and caring for yourself to be able to effectively care for Your Loved One!

Create a great day!


Annie Born

Author & Founder of

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