I Have A Dream 4 of 4

“I have a dream today

I have a dream that one day every valley of financial challenges will e exalted.

Every hill and mountain of physical challenges will be made low,

The rough places of social challenges will be made plain,

And the crooked places of psychological challenges will be made straight and

Emotional challenges of all fresh shall see it together,

Getting strength for today and hope for tomorrow!” – Annie Born


As a Caregiver you may not understand some of the risks of Caregiving.

Research has shown, Caregiving can affect your life in these 5 ways

  1. financial,
  2. physical,
  3. social,
  4. psychological,
  5. emotional

The average caregiver is contributing more then $200 per month to caring for a Loved one.

If the Caregiver is self employed, the time is absorbed in less work achieved and less income.

The average caregiver has their physical life impacted,

Either by having a Loved one at home or

Needing to visit a Loved one in their own home or

A Loved One who needs more care then they can handle.

The average Caregiver has their social, psychological & emotional life impacted more then they ever thought.

The interesting thing is sometimes,

Even when the Loved One is being cared by another person,

The Caregiver is often wondering how the Loved One is – coping, enjoying or doing?

Instead of bringing relief, it can be made a more stressful, time.

If you don’t manage you too!

Remember – You need to turn off too, so you can have a break!

You need to take time out for you!

You need to give yourself the gift of time to make time fill your Care Tank.

So often a caregiver is so busy, they forget to go to even visit the doctor for themselves!

Remember – this is important because you cannot live on nothing – you need to eat too!

Research has shown for caregivers over 55, more will die before the person they are caring for,

Not because of a illness they had before, but because they stopped caring for themselves!

That is the reason you are the critical connection!

Critical connection for you and your Loved One to the world!

You need to understand, you need strength for today and hope for tomorrow!

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  1. Annie,
    I like that you point out exactly what the problems are. Affecting life in 5 areas. To me the most painful is financial. It carries a lot of shame and stress. But as you say, we have to be strong. Even though it is not enough.

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