I Have A Dream 3 of 4

“I have a dream today

I have a dream where Caring for Caregivers will be transformed into a daily gift

Each caregiver gives themselves, everyday, often filling their care tank,

As a part of caring for the community, city, country, whole world, including you!” – Annie Born


As a Caregiver it can be so easy to give and

Keep giving until there is nothing left to give or until y Care tank is empty.

If we give from a heart of love,

You would thing you would naturally remember to care for ourselves.

Sometimes overtime though, we tend to get BUSY!

  • Busy organising this…
  • Busy helping another person
  • Busy caring for this issue
  • Busy finding a solution for that problem
  • Busy checking in with your Loved One
  • Busy cleaning another mess
  • Busy managing
  • Busy washing the clothes
  • Busy with Doctors visits
  • Busy wondering what the best solution is
  • Busy communicating with family
  • Busy updating the professionals
  • Busy studying the best options
  • Busy getting one professional to do what another professional asks
  • Busy preparing & calming your Loved One

It can be a time where giving yourself a gift of time seems almost impossible.

Yet, mananging this important gift is even more important then any other challenge.

You face as a Caregiver.

You see, the gift of time is to give you something important.

Something tangable, a time for you to do whatever you want or need to do for you.

A time for you to be centered in the eye of the storm of life.

A time for you to fill your Care Tank!

You see, when your care tank is full,

You can help other people more easily.

You support others from a space of abundance

How can you re-energize your own care tank?

When you give yourself the gift of time to yourself.

The gift of the Care Tank to yourself.

Everyday, remember to care for you!

You are invaluable

Because when you care for You – You are impacting the community, city, country the world!



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