I Have A Dream 2 of 4

“I have a dream where my three children will one day,

Live in a world where they will be encouraged and

Supported for caring for themselves

While they manage & care for loved ones.

Allowing – illness, injury or age to be a natural part of life,

Speaking out & Breaking the silence,

Being open to caring for themselves

While caregiving their Loved Ones.” – Annie Born


When you are a Care giver at home.

Often one of the last words you hear is Thank you!

Thank you for everything that you do,

Thank you for all your help,

Thank you for all your support

Thank you for all your giving.

Sometimes, when you care for a Loved One,

You may want to talk with a friend or family member about  your latest,

loss, restentment or challenge

If the other people doesn’t understand, what you are going through.

You can almost immediately see, the other person’s eyes begin to roll.

You know, they are not listening or interesting in listening.

Because, often people want you to keep it quiet, hush, hush.

To keep it under raps.

To hide it behind closed doors,

To keep it within the walls of your house.

It’s time to break the silence of hush, hush.

It’s time to be bold about Caregiving,

It’s time to be bold about Caring for the Caregiver.

It’s time to speak out about the importance of caring for the caregiver.

Whether your Loved one needs, help paying bills, changing a dressing or getting dressed.

You are helping your Loved One in something that he/she is not able to do alone at the moment or anymore.

Whether it is an illness, that is progressive, or because of injury or age.

You can learn Caregiver it can be a natural part of life.

A space to be expected, to care for the Loved One.

Thank you for your critical connection to the world.

For your willingness to take time out and Care for You!

Care for the Caregiver.

Because, careforthecaregiver.org is here to give you Strength for today and Hope for tomorrow!






4 thoughts on “I Have A Dream 2 of 4

  1. Amazingly profound post, Annie! This really got me thinking. I hope more people start to notice the qualms of the careGIVER, not the receiver of that CARE.

    Mark Hogan

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