I Have A Dream 1 of 4

“I have a dream that one day even in the most remote homes around the world!

People will have access to leading edge resources for caregivers to discover,

While caring for a loved one – how to care for themselves!

And will be transformed into caregivers who understand.

Their Unique Strengths, Individual Skills and Care Committment.

Giving an oasis of safety, peace, love and freedom.” – Annie Born


When you are at home as a Caregiver,

You may be alone or with the help of family members.

Doing the best you can, with the information, training & knowledge you have.

You may not have friends or community – Who understand…

What your experiencing or have a clue of what your going through.

Managing the doctors, the specialists, the appointments, the bills, the choices, the house work, the decisions.

The joys, the tears, the frustrations, the guilt, the memories, the gifts

Busy days, turn into busy weeks, busy months, busy years.

Soon as a Caregiver, you may forget,

Who you are,

What is important to you,

Your special times and even your dreams.

Or even not remembering to take the time – you need for yourself.

For your own doctors appointment, visit with a friend or salon appointment.

Without excellent Caregiver Resources, you may not understand, the difficult risks or challenges.

Risks, you unconsciously, yet naturally take, when You care for Your Loved One.

And choose to take care of your Loved one at home, who is suffering from illness, injury or age.

Up to 24/7 or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. caring for your Loved one,

Yes, every day, you are a critical connection for your Loved One to the world.

You may not know how important it is, for you to care for you.

For you to take the time to to do the little things in your life,

To Care for the Caregiver.

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