I Have A Dream

I have a dream that one day even in the most remote homes around the world!

People will have access to leading edge resources for caregivers to discover,

While caring for a loved one – how to care for themselves!

And will be transformed into caregivers who understand their Unique Values,

Individual Strengths, Important Skills and Caregiver Committment.

Giving an oasis of safety, peace, love and freedom.


I have a dream where my three children will one day,

Live in a world where they will be encouraged and supported for caring for themselves

While they manage & care for loved ones.

Allowing – illness, injury or age to be a natural part of life,

Speaking out & Breaking the silence, and being open to caring for themselves while caregiving their loved ones.


I have a dream today

I have a dream where Caring for Caregivers

Will be transformed into a daily gift

Each caregiver gives themselves,

Everyday, often filling their care tank,

As a part of caring for the community, city, country, whole world, including you!


I have a dream today

I have a dream that one day every valley of financial challenges will exalted.

Every hill and mountain of physical challenges will be made low,

The rough places of social challenges will be made plain,

And the crooked places of psychological challenges will be made straight and

Emotional challenges of all fresh shall see it together.

So that in unison we can sing –

Now! is the time to Be Bold, to Stand Up and Be Counted & Care for the Caregiver!

Getting strength for today and hope for tomorrow!

Then together… We can change the world, with Hope, Health & Happiness!

Care givers United! – Critical Connection Around the World!

Remember You are Extraordinary!

“I can promise you Caregivers working together, linked, informed & educated, can bring, hope, health & happiness to this world.” – Annie Born

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