How Expensive is Caregiving to Your Health Part 6

So is Caregiving expensive to your health?

You can set yourself up for an unhealthy future with caregiving a Loved One?

Care givers are so busy caring for other people, they can put their own health at risk, due to health behaviours &  choices which can cause higher rates of poor health, sooner and later.

22.5% of Caregivers between 45-64 are on low income.

Caregiving can bring additional stress, worry & burden. Without caring for your own health needs.

It can be very expensive in healthcare issues.

Taking small steps, every day can help you avoid them and bring more balance into your life.

  • ·         Do you set realistic goals for your life regularly & carefully?
  • ·         Do you do muscle relaxation or slow breathing technique everyday?
  • ·         Do you have a full day off every week?
  • ·         Do you sleep 6-7 hours every night?
  • ·         Do you everyday do a good belly laugh?

If you are experiencing any stressor due to caregiving or life, remember talking to someone as a sounding board can help put things into perspective. A doctor or health professional can also help.

Today write down steps so you can manage your life better – so it doesn’t have to be expensive to your own health care, now or later.

Remember you were created to be a human being not a human doing!

 Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

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