Help I’m a Caregiver Part 1

Are You New to Caregiving?

Here are the 3 important things you need to know as a New Caregiver.

  1. As a Caregiver – You are giving a gift of love
  2. You are caring for your loved one because…
  3. You are caring for you, now!

Let’s look a little closer

  1. As a Caregiver – You are giving a gift of love!

You are given this opportunity to care for your Loved One.

Remember not to be greedy!

Share this opportunity to give back to your Loved One

With other family members, friends & Create a support team.

There may be not a lot that needs to be done now.

Yet, we are not talking about only, now!

We are planning for the future of You & Your Loved One.

Your gift of Love, is and will be a daily journey, journal it.

Notice changes in each area of your life.

Social – Sharing

Emotional – Time  

Physical – Space 

Psychological – Endurance

Financial – Investment

Caring – Commitment

Each change is a moment to remember.

Some days’ it will be easy.

Some days’ it will be not as easy.

It is important to give your gift of love from the heart.

Remember compassion – thoughtfulness, consideration & kindness

Remember sympathy – understanding looking through your Loved One’s eyes.

Remember empathy – picture yourself in your Loved One’s shoes.

Remember you were created to be you!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

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P.S. You are helpful!

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