First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Imagine you are a First Aid Officer.

You are drilled into the DR ABCD’s Action Plan of First Aid!

Drilled in so you don’t need to thing about them automatically is vital in an emergency!

D – check for DANGER

R – check for RESPONSE

A – check AIRWAY

B – check for BREATHING

C – give CPR

D- apply a DEFIBRILLATOR (if available)

(This information is not a substitute for first aid training. We recommend that everyone is trained in first aid.)

Then you are called to an emergency where someone is on the floor.

You momentarily forget about the training you have just had, because you haven’t downloaded it to the harddrive overnight yet.

Because you are doing, what has always come automatic, instinctively, naturally.

You are going to help the person, to the best of your natural ability.

Your Trainer – advises they will allow you to continue, until you have breached a rule. (Oh No!)

Within moments your Trainer stops you and explains, you didn’t go through the DR ABCD’s in your mind because…

You have just crossed onto a dangerous substance on the floor.

Because you didn’t Do the first D – look for possible dangers.

You quickly go through the DR ABCD’s in your mind.

Realising the liquid on the floor is the dangerous substance, you thought that was water – Oh! No!

You have put yourself, and the person, you were about to give first aid to at risk.

Caregivers, do their best every day!

It is important to be open, prepare and learn as much as you can, on how to care for You and Your Loved One.

So in a emergency or crisis situation, you can be calm to trust you!

Training prepares you for challenges ahead so you can do what is best for everyone.

Remember to learn to trust You! That You will do what is best for You and Your Loved One!

Create a great day!


Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember to Stay Linked, Informed & Educated to Bring Hope, Health & Happiness to the World.

P.S. You are amazing!

Tomorrow! The Caregiver’s DR ABCD’s

10 thoughts on “First Aid Training

  1. You iterated a great point- that people get tunnel vision extremely easily. Focus on this, focus on that. That seems like it could get counter-productive very easily when you have to care for someone day in and day out.

    Is there anything we can do to remind ourselves to be looking for different things and opportunities while we look out and care for our loved ones?

    Mark Hogan

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  2. My mother is alive to this day because my sister (a surgical nurse) went straight into lifesaver mode when my mom had a heart attack. I’m not sure I would have been able to do that. Thank goodness for her years of training.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
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  3. Annie, I have never trained in First Aid. It is a huge responsibility and needs a lot of training. I liked when you said “haven’t downloaded it to the harddrive overnight yet”. This is a perfect example of connecting the conscious (RAM) and the subconscious (Hard Drive) minds. Well done!

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