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Mmm – So how do I start’s first blog post…?

Are you new to Caregiving or been Caregiving for a while?… (yes, that is why I’m looking on this page)… Or

The stats on Caregiving are 1 in 5 households care… no falling asleep…statistics always put me to sleep… Or how about…

Due to the aging population, there will be a need to double the number of caregivers by the year 20… when? Who Cares? Care factor ‘0’…

In the beginning… no too far back…

Caregiver Stress can affect the Caregiver in 5 key areas of life – physical, psychological, emotional, social, financial, when this happens it is called Caregiver Bur… another post maybe…

Research in Singapore shows Caregiving – doesn’t impact Caregivers the same way as in western society.Is it because it is considered a normal part of life…Singapore People are active for 10 years longer then western society – More research is needed… interesting but not quite first post stuff…

So why bother Caring for the Caregiver aren’t they too busy, doing everything for everyone else anyway?

Being a human doing! (Remember You are a human being!)

Trying to care for there Care Receiver/ Your Loved One,

Trying to care for your family too! (if you have one or connecting because you are part of one!),

Trying to care enough at work to make ends meet,

Trying to do …(so many things)?

There should be no need for anyone to go through Caregiving alone and no glory in trying. It’s Important to stay Linked.

For some reason we seem ashamed to be seen, doing the job of Caregiving. It’s time to stand up and be proud of All that You Do!

Caring for Your Care-Receiver/Loved One at this time is a honor, protecting & helping them is a gift, only you can give from your heart, this opportunity is more valuable then a precious jewel.

As Caregivers we face our own version of the nameless problem. To do our job alone and out of sight, what in fact requires not just private sympathy and toleration but public acknowledgement and proactive assistance! We need to get Educated about the truth of Caregiving and How to Care for the Caregiver!

As Caregivers we are swimming in an invisible crowd of caregivers everyday, 1 in 5 homes are caring for a Care-Receiver/Loved One. Stay Informed!

Anyway, the reason you are so important – beside you being you!

Is because you are the Critical Connection between You and Your Care-Receiver – Your Loved One and the World!

When you understand how important You are – You inspire me!

Remember – You are a Critical Connection!

Create a Great Day!

Annie Born 🙂

Founder of

Remember stay – linked, informed and educated &  bring hope, health and happiness to this world.

Annie Born Founder of

P.S. You are Amazing!