Caregiving is Like a Garden


You have decided to plant a garden.

It is going to be full of fruit & veggies to enjoy.

You prepare the ground for your planting…

You plant the seedlings…

You water them,

You fertilize them.

You watch them…grow.

While your watching them grow.

Your Loved One asks you to help them with their garden.

So you leave your garden and go and help your Loved One’s garden.

You first start by preparing the ground a little.

And you explain, you will come back tomorrow… to do some more.

You get home just in time to water your seedlings.

In the morning you get up and water your seedlings.

Then go to your Loved One’s who you promised you would be back.

On the way there you pick up some seedlings because you are ready to plant.

So you, begin helping planting and you enjoy the time you spent with your Loved One.

They ask so – what needs to be done next?

They need to be fertilized and watered – You explain.

Your Loved One looks confused.

So you help with the fertilizing and watering before you leave.

Which makes you late and you miss watering your own garden, you figure one day won’t hurt.

So you give your garden double, the water in the morning to make up for missing out the night before.

Then you go to help your Loved One… because you want to make sure the right amount of water is used.

It’s ok, looks a little dry though?

You remind your Loved One the seedlings need to be watered morning & night.

So you take it on board… soon the garden is bearing fruit.

Little by little you are doing more to help your Loved One.

You still enjoy the time together with your Loved One.

One day you look at your Garden.

You didn’t realise how busy you have been with your Loved One.

That the weeds have overtaken your garden & the plants looked almost dead.

If only you, had taken the opportunity, to take the time, every day for you to care for your garden, as well as your Loved One’s.

You could have both had flourishing gardens and yummy foods to eat.

Remember to take time each day to care for Your Garden too!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of Care for the Caregiver

Remember to stay Linked, Informed, Educated to bring hope, health & happiness to the world!

P.S. You are an Inspiration!


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