Caregiver Stress Part 8

Ever caught a plane?

You are about to take off, the engine is loud, the wheels are moving.

Then finally quiet, you are safely in the air.

You are glad it made it safely in flight.

Except for some minor air turbulence,

And the natural movement in the air,

It’s a beautiful day!

The seatbelt light comes on – It’s time for landing already.

With a slight rough landing –

The plane finally stops.

You breathe a sigh of calm relief.

It is a safe trip.

In caregiving, there can be many positive stressors – you bring skills, knowledge & abilities to caregiving, you can feel good about – Self Esteem, Helping, Appreciation, Caring & Giving Back to your Loved One. 

In caregiving, there can be many negative stressors, Today lets look at Emotional

Ever felt – overwhelmed, overloaded or overburdened emotionally?

You are a Caregiver.

Research found that Caregivers feel some form of Emotional Stress at some point during their Care giving.

It’s Ok!

It’s natural!

Change is the only thing constant in life!

There can be so many things to monitor, So many things to care for, So many things to organise, sometimes, caring for your own emotional needs are missed.

On challenging days are you noticing…

You eating or sleeping more or less then usual?

You spontaneously crying, feeling low energy, emotional numbness?

You feeling Anxiety, Out of control, Irritable, Angry or Resentment?

You Not remembering as usual, Difficulty concentrating or Making decisions?

If these symptoms continue, have a chat to your Doctor or Health Professional.

62% of Caregivers of all ages work full or part time and then come home to work up to an additional 36 hours a week, almost as much as an additional full time job!

Also as Caregivers emotions can interfere a lot with you social life & household chores.

As a Caregiver you need to avoid setting yourself up for an unhealthy future, if your not prepared. you can be setting yourself up for poor health.

These are considered the Health Hazards of helping a Loved One.

Yet when you are aware – You can make little changes to help.

Who or What helps you feel grounded?

Write Who is Your Lifeline? – who can you go and have a chat with, who when you said goodbye, you breathe a sigh of calm relief, because everything feels right with the world again?

Remember you are a critical connection for you & your Loved One!

 Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember to Stay Linked, Informed & Educated to Bring Hope, Health & Happiness to the World.

P.S. You are open!

5 thoughts on “Caregiver Stress Part 8

  1. Annie, Great advice for all those wonderful caregivers wherever they may be. You all do a wonderfull job looking after others, and you also need to do as wonderful a job looking after yourself. As Annie says, “dont set yourself up for a fall”. Learn to Relax and take care of yourself.

    Peter Tamosaitis

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