Caregiver Stress Part 7

Remember walking on a fence that is taller, then the ground the person you are walking with is walking?

You are balancing to stay walking on the fence at the same speed as the other person.

Sometimes you even ask the person you are walking with – for help!

To get across a tricky space in the fence.

Sometimes you may even loose your balance and gravity wins and you fall off the fence.

And you jump back up on the fence to keep balancing, knowing you are safe.

Then all of a sudden the fence ends or you decide to walk with the other person, not the same focus on balancing needed.

In caregiving, there can be many positive stressors – you bring skills, knowledge & abilities to caregiving, you can feel good about – Self Esteem, Helping, Appreciation, Caring & Giving Back to your Loved One. 

In caregiving, there can be many negative stressors, also. Today let’s look at Psychological.

Ever felt like your circumstances of caregiving were unexpected?;

Do you feel unprepared for caregiving?;

Do you feel like there was nothing you could do to prevent you becoming the caregiver from happening?

Research found that 52% of Caregivers feel some form of Psychological Stress at some point during their Care giving a Loved One.

It’s Ok!

It’s natural!

Change is the only thing constant in life! 

There can be so many things to monitor, So many things to care for, So many things to organise, sometimes, caring for your own psychological needs are missed.

Psychological Stressors can be hard to pick.

Because it’s often in a look or a word, or silence.

Remember at challenging times.

  • Stick to daily routine,
  • Break large jobs into smaller, manageable tasks,
  • Find activities that make you feel better,
  • Allow yourself to feel what you feel, when you feel it.

These are considered the Health Hazards of helping a Loved One.

If challenges persist talk with your doctor or health professional

Yet when you are aware – You can make little changes to help.

What or Who helps balance you?

Write down Your Psychological Lifelines?

Remember you are a whole person, with many gifts, talents & dreams!

 Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember to Stay Linked, Informed & Educated to Bring Hope, Health & Happiness to the World.

P.S. You are steady!

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