Caregiver Stress Part 4

Have you ever looked at a bridge, through engineers’ eyes?

There is the foundation, the strength, the span, the groundwork, the underpinning, the footings, the reinforcement, the support structure, the weight stress, the maximums, the wind pressures, the environment stressors.

That is just the designing not including…

The regulations, the approvals, the time frame, the pricing, the creating & the maintaining of the bridge all to be taken into consideration when creating and making the bridge.

Stress, is another word for tension. Yet, often we see it as only negative stress.

Without tension, we would not get anything done, no pressure, no deadlines, no goals.

There is positive stress too, which makes us feel good when we are accomplishing tasks, helping others, making friends, connecting with family. Creating the structured bridge.

In caregiving, there can be many positive stressors – you bring skills, knowledge & abilities to caregiving, you can feel good about – Self Esteem, Helping, Appreciation, Caring & Giving Back to your Loved One.

In caregiving, there can be many negative stressors, Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Social and Financial (we will look at these soon in the series).

You have amazing knowledge – think about all your life experience, life knowledge, knowledge about you & your Loved One. You are open to learning and discovering new things, you are willing to search out new information; you are willing to understand this project of Caregiving at this time. Remember this is an opportunity and opportunities come and go, this too will pass. Now, today – this is your time to shine!

Today write down all the things you know/your knowledge you can use as your foundation today?

Remember you were created to also be a supporter for You and Your Loved One!

 Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember to Stay Linked, Informed & Educated to Bring Hope, Health & Happiness to the World.

P.S. You are foundation!

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