Caregiver Stress – Part 2


You are about to take the photo of your life!

This is a once in a lifetime picture.

You have travelled, for weeks!

You have prepared for days, months, years!

You have checked times

You have checked light

You have checked angle

You have checked point of view.

You are about to climb off a cliff, on a rope, with harness with 3 camera to hope to get the perfect shot of your life.

Are there risks? – Yes! And this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Is it stressful? I prefer to look at the positive and be excited! This is what I was created for!

Is this your passion? I can’t wait to see the results.

Could you get hurt or even die? Yes, but I’m prepared to die trying!

Why would you do it? Because I can! Every fiber of my being is prepared for this moment!

When Caregiving, Stress, is another word for tension.

Yet, often we see it as only negative stress.

Without tension, we would not get anything done, no pressure, no deadlines, no goals, no dreams.

There is positive stress too!

Which makes us feel good when we are accomplishing tasks, helping others, making friends, connecting with family. Getting the perfect shot.

In caregiving, there can be many positive stressors – you bring skills, knowledge & abilities to caregiving, you can feel good about – Self Esteem, Helping, Appreciation, Caring & Giving Back to your Loved One.

In caregiving, there can be many negative stressors, Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Social and Financial (we will look at these soon in the series).

First let’s look at a camera.

When you take a picture, you have one frame, you have one moment in time from one persons perspective, standing in one place, that can be a good/bad shot.

In the age of digital, for a party, people can have over 300 to 3000 shots of one event. No longer limited to the film of 12/24 shots in the camera!

But does that cover the complete party?

No, usually only microseconds of the event.

And often only from one perspective of One person…

Yet, we treasure our pictures, as capturing the moment, in time, in history.

Even when we add video,

We add frames per second, sound, movement.

Yet it is still only from one perspective.

Sometimes you catch important events,

Sometimes you miss them because you are busy, or have other priorities.

It’s time to take time to enjoy all the frames.

Today you can check your Perspectives!

Go and stand like a statue in one place, look at all the possible perspectives.

Then write down all the possible perspectives of being that statue, what can you see?

Now, imagine looking through the eyes of a professional photographer… they always see a different angle or view?

Remember you are in control, stay focused on the positive, you can change your perspective in a microsecond!

 Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember to Stay Linked, Informed & Educated to Bring Hope, Health & Happiness to the World.

P.S. You are adaptable!

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