Caregiver Stress Part 1

Ever watched a movie? Just at the most important, scene of the movie…

In that critical moment of the movie the music changes?

The beautiful music changes dramatically, You know,

Something is going to change, the tone of the movie is about to change…


Some days, I wish I could hear the music change

Before something is about to happen in real life.

Tension, Strain, Pressure all these sound bad,

Yet, each of these is required to get that, beautiful music to play in the movie.


So often we classify stress as only a bad thing.

Yet stress can be a good thing for us too.

Deadlines, targets, goals, accomplishments.

All happen because we are part of focus.


Let’s look at a guitar in a Masters hand.

Beautiful Music can come from a guitar of a professional.

Someone who has spent 10 hours a day practicing.

Or Exploring  Music can come from a guitar of a novice.


A professional, knows when the guitar is out of tune

With the strum of the strings & can fix them almost instantly.

A novice spends so much time, even hours, to get it right.

To get the guitar in tune, with a tuner.


A guitar, has a certain amount of tension on each string.

On certain strings, you can even make it sound, like the next string,

A E string can sound like a B or vice versa, with changing tension,

So in that moment, it sounds like a B string, designed to be a E string.


The string can even play a different note altogether,

Because it is set too tight or too loose.

When it is playing the perfect note, it is neither too tight or loose.

It is almost comfortable, in it’s strain, tension,  pressure – Stress!


As a Caregiver do you experience stress too?

I certainly hope so!

Because what stress means is that you are alive!

You are moving, you are engaged in life!


When you do not feel stress is after you have breathed your last breath.

Positive stress, is like getting a hug or a kiss from someone you love.

Negative stress, is like getting told you are fired (if you liked your job) or perceived bad news.

The challenge is when there is too much stress and it feels like your playing a different note, your E string is playing a B.

Remember you were created to play your own notes – Caregiver stress is when you are playing another note!

Where in your life are you not playing your true notes?

What can you change today to include just one more true note?

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

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9 thoughts on “Caregiver Stress Part 1

  1. Your post reminds me of something Zig Ziglar says:

    “The only people I know who don’t have problems (stress) are below ground. So if you don’t have any problems you better get some, fast!”

    A little bit of exercise or deep breathing is a great stress reliever.

    Sabrina Peterson, NASM CPT, CES
    Fat Burning Home Workouts

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