Caregiver’s First Aid – DR ABCD’s

Yesterday we learned the First Aid DR ABCD’s

As Caregiver’s it is easy, to do what comes naturally, not thinking outside the box.

Because you naturally love, your Loved One and want to care for them, giving them the best care possible!

As a Caregiver at home, Informal Caregiver or Family Caregiver, it can be so easy to keep the same perspective, because we don’t want anything to change.

Sometimes, we even put on our rose colored glasses, so nothing changes.

So we don’t always want to see the big picture, of what is coming around the corner.

We often aren’t prepared for what’s ahead.

And sometimes we may do things from a reactive, crisis point of view, not because we are accepting the changes and moving forward proactively.

Changes In Your Loved One and changes in You!

You don’t want to put Yourself & Your Loved One at any risk.

There may not be a dangerous substance on the floor which may be a risk.

It may be a choice you make to feel better.

Or to choose some extra comfort food, or just have an extra drink, or just take an extra tablet (its prescription so it’s ok)

Instead of getting the physical & emotional support you need.

Some addictive substances a caregiver may feel, they need to take to relax or to settle down at the end of the day.

Because Caregivers who don’t care for themselves (not you or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) are more likely to:-

Smoke, binge drinking, be obese, take more then prescribed – prescription drugs.

Some Caregivers give many reasons for their choices – because they can’t sleep. because they don’t feel like they are coping, because they are feeling down or depressed for longer then a few days.

These are some warning signs to take note of when a Caregiver needs to start taking care of the caregiver.

Remember to use the power of choice to give You and Your Loved One the best possible future.

You can learn First Aid for Caregivers too!

DR ABCD for Caring for Caregivers!

D – Check for Decide/Discover – be open to learning how to be linked, information & educated on how to Care for You the Caregiver.

R – Check for Research/Results – ways to care for you & your Loved One now and in the future!

A –Always Check Ahead – Ask Questions and be prepared for what’s ahead. What’s next?

B – Check to Benefit Others- Brave, Bold & Break the silence, with Family, Friends & Folks. Help others, it’s amazing how it makes you feel!

C – Check for Care Challenge -Change Now – Care for Your Needs & Care for Your Loved One’s Needs.

D – Check to Desire/Day-Dream – think about things you would like to do or have done & Imagine – yourself doing them. This too will pass. Dare to Dream!

Remember choosing the care choices you make today will impact the rest of your life!

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember to Stay Linked, Informed & Educated to Bring Hope, Health & Happiness to the World.

P.S. You are Extraordinary!

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