Are You an Informed Caregiver?

So what is an Informed Caregiver?

Great Question!

Lets take a closer look at Informed Caregiver Definition

A person who is aware, knowledgeable & trained about Caregiving.

A person who is clued-up in information, well-versed in the facts, up to date in the latest skills & knowledge needed for Caregiving a Care-Receiver (family member or friend) often can be considered – awareness in the risks, learned in knowledge & understanding in the practical skills – may be deemed skilled because they are trained and knows how to care for the caregiver!

An Informed Caregiver is someone who has gone outside the standard box of expectations.

Searched for the important information, needed by a Caregiver and the Loved One/Care Receiver to live life.

Understand that things are continuously changing & are often improving so you can be prepared for changes and aware of the improvements, connecting with the world for your Loved One/Care Receiver.

Aware of the Risks involved in Caregiving and has implemented strategies to counteract those risks. Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly. For the benefit of You the Caregiver taking Care of the Caregiver and your Loved One/Care Receiver, taking Care of their needs, physically, emotionally, socially etc.

Remembering to care for the whole world includes caring for You to!

You need to Care for Your needs, physically, emotionally , socially etc.

Understand or willing to learn the Practical Skills needed in Caring for the Caregiving.

There  are so many ways to discover these, 1 on 1, 1 on group, 1 on online, 1 on courses – Reading, watching others, talking with others, TV, YouTube, Membership Sites etc…

It is vitally important to realise you are not alone in this, there are on average 1 in 5 homes in your street who are caring for a Loved One/Care Receiver.

How can we break the silence!? Talk, Txt, Email, Write to someone today!

Well Done You have started!

Remember Transforming from being a Informal Caregiver to an Informed Caregiver starts with You!


Create a Great Day!


Annie Born

Author & Founder of

Remember stay – linked, informed and educated & bring hope, health and happiness to this world.

P.S. You Are an Incredible!


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  1. What would you think about a Caregiving class? Or, something along those lines. I was looking in the Community Ed. Catalog the other day, and saw first aid, babysitting and similar things. Maybe this could be an addition?

    Mark Hogan

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