9. Caregiver Strength Dignity


  • Value
  • Worth
  • Goodness

As a Caregiver, a strength you may reveal – is Dignity in the face of the unknown.

Do remember it is also important for you to use dignity for you and your needs as a Caregiver.

Dignity is often resting in reality

The Caregiver Strength of Dignity

Dignity is incredible because it will help you to continue, even when you are not getting, the answers you need, to move forward in any direction.

When you are caring and supporting a Loved One,

You may even do superhuman acts, of stopping when enough is enough or

Like getting up in the middle of the night, when you have gotten no sleep at all.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, helping in every way possible.

Dignity is often shown in the face of fear

Caregiver Story of Dignity

I took my Loved One to a Doctors appointment for the first time.

I thought it was strange, when the Doctor didn’t speak to his patience he spoke    to me?

He had assessed the needs of my Loved One and was telling me, the diagnosis.

Yet it was like as if, this had happened a million times before except with another person.

At the time my Loved One had a hearing aid, but could talk to people, who took the time to listen.

He was worth it!

It was like the time I took my children to the doctor and the doctor spoke to me about their condition.

Yet this wasn’t the first time, this had been for years.

It was like he didn’t value my Loved One as a individual.

Remember you have the value, the worth, goodness to see this through!

Is Dignity a strength of yours?- What else are your Strengths?

This is part of the Top 20 Caregiver Strength Series

Create a great day!

Annie Born

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P.S. You are Incredible

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