4. Caregiver Strength Safety


  • Security
  • Shelter
  • Refuge

As a Caregiver, a strength you may reveal – is Safety in the face of the unknown.

The Caregiver Strength of Safety

Safety is incredible because it will help you to continue, even when you are not getting, the answers you need, to move forward in any direction.

When you are caring and supporting a Loved One,

Do remember it is also important for you to use safety for you and your needs as a Caregiver.

Safety is often thinking outside the box

Caregiver Story of Safety

I was excited, we would be celebrating a friends birthday for breakfast.

We just got back from the lovely birthday breakfast.

As we pulled up at home.

Out of the corner of our eye.

We saw part of a strange car on the road.

Between our house & our neighbor’s house

We didn’t realize it was a Police car

Until – The Police Officer started walking towards us.

He looked me in the eyes and asked if I knew my neighbor?

I said, yes, He explained, he was found 7km away. I jumped in my car and followed the Police car.

Wondering what happened.

They found my Loved One, wandering down the road.

Walking, alone, looking uncertain, unsure, they were concerned for his safety.

They kept giving cups of tea and biscuits.

It made us realize our Loved One wasn’t even safe at home anymore.

Changes seem to happen fast, and being prepared for safety.

Safety around the room, home, garden, being aware of challenges in the community.

Remember have you the security, shelter, refuge to see this through!

Is Safety a strength of yours?- What else are your Strengths?

This is part of the Top 20 Caregiver Strength Series

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of CarefortheCaregiver.org

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P.S. You are Incredible

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  1. Annie,
    It is such a sad story. You as a caregiver fell responsible for the safety of your loved one. But you cannot be there all the time. Then if something happens you feel guilty. So you better be prepared for the changes. Great point.

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