2. Caregiver Strength Determination


  • Resolve
  • Purpose
  • Willpower

As a Caregiver, a strength you may reveal – is Determination in the face of the unknown.

The Caregiver Strength of Determination

Determination is incredible because it will help you to continue, even when you are not getting, the answers you need, to move forward in any direction.

When you are caring and supporting a Loved One,

You may even continue your determination beyond the point, where many other people, would give up or may not continue. Care of a loved one until or

Like getting up in the middle of the night, when you have gotten no sleep at all.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, helping in every way possible.

Determination is doing something until it is done.

Caregiver Story of Determination

I never even thought when I accepted Caregiving my Loved One,

 I would ever need determination!

Some days were easy and I loved caring for my Loved One.

Other days were as hard as nails, and I didn’t know which way to turn.

This particular day, was when I was going to take our first respite care, I can understand why only 17% take up the offer.

To give my family and I a little break.

A friend, who worked at a Nursing Home, who asked if I needed some extra rest.

I thought about it and arranged it, to be the next week.

We would need to take a 1 hour car ride, both ways and then face the farewell challenge.

All was going to plan, I thought, I was feeling dreadful for taking a break.

It was like I had to be some kind of spy to get a few moments off.

The hardest part was the phone call from the Nursing home the next day – asking does my Loved One normally knock on the door continuously, trying to get out?

I didn’t need that. Those words broke my heart.

All the emotions just came tumbling out with the tears –

Tired, worried, afraid, scared, anxious, troubled, alarmed, uneasy & upset!

So for my Loved One’s change was not easy and safety a priority.

I used determination to communicate with family members, so they may get a glimpse of understanding.

I needed determination to communicate with (professional) staff.

Remember you have the willpower, the resolve, the purpose to see this through!

Is Determination a strength of yours?- What else are your Strengths?


This is part of the Top 20 Caregiver Strength Series

Create a great day!

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