17. Caregiver Strength Calm


  • Peaceful
  • Composed
  • Relaxed

As a Caregiver, a strength you may reveal – is Calm in the face of the unknown.

Do remember it is also important for you to use calm for you and your needs as a Caregiver.

Calm is often resting in reality

The Caregiver Strength of Calm

Calm is incredible because it will help you to continue, even when you are not getting, the answers you need, to move forward in any direction.

When you are caring and supporting a Loved One,

You may even do superhuman acts, of moving a car of a loved one or

Like getting up in the middle of the night, when you have gotten no sleep at all.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, helping in every way possible.

Calm is often shown in the face of fear

Caregiver Story of Calm

In the middle of a storm, do you stay centered, relaxed, at peace and calm?

I remember running late for an appointment we had waited for over a month for.

I wasn’t as organized like I needed to be that day.

I was sure the traffic wasn’t this bad, the last time, we came this way.

Everything was in warped speed.

We now had to race from the car park to the appointment too.

Some days, you simply can’t get your Loved One to go that fast.

We had to be there it was important!

This was one of the keys to his diagnosis.

When I got to the counter, I was flustered

I was out of breath.

I could hardly speak.

In that moment the Receptionist said.

Just STOP! Catch your breath! It’s ok!

I was then able to give myself permission to do just that.

I regained some composure… and we “made it” to the appointment.

But I never forgot those few words from the Receptionist.

Just STOP! Catch your breath! It’s ok!

Remain Calm in the face of the unknown.

Remember you have the peaceful, the relaxed, composed to see this through!

Is Calm a strength of yours?- What else are your Strengths?

This is part of the Top 20 Caregiver Strength Series

Create a great day!

Annie Born

Author & Founder of CarefortheCaregiver.org

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P.S. You are Incredible

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